Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Master List Week 10

What an AMAZINGLY FUN day! :-D  I LOVED seeing your kind and caring spirits as you worked with all the little ones today! :-D

Next week's presentation is...
Persuasive Speech (2-3 min)
Choose a topic that you feel strongly about. Create a presentation designed to "persuade" your audience to change their beliefs or behavior in some way. Use Monroe's Motivated Sequence Speech Topics to write your speech:
ATTENTION-Get the attention of your public. State the importance the problem.
NEED-State the need for change. Show why it should concern them. Relate the issue or problem to the values, attitudes, interests and needs of the listeners.
SATISFACTION-Satisfy their needs. Provide the details and interesting facts of your plan. Show how your solution works.
VISUALIZATION-Visualize the benefits. That is the heart of your motivational speech topic. Illustrate them with examples, anecdotes, comparisons, statistics, definitions and visual aids. Share success stories. Tell your audience what's in it for them. 
ACTION-Call to action. Tell your audience what you want them to do

Our focus will be to use a Keyword Outline instead of reading your speech word for word.  Use a keyword outline when giving your presentation.

YouTube Research Assignments should be turned in on Wednesday by bedtime:
Savannah - FREE
Emily - Geography
Claire - English
Lilly - Math
Liliana - Latin
Kaitlyn - Science

Have a great week! :-D

Rebekah McNary

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