Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Master List Week 11 Playlist

Hi, Guys!

Thanks for being patient with me as I catch up on last week's material.  I'm thinking I'll try to update the DropBox files tomorrow night for weeks 10 & 11.  

Here are a couple of warnings about this week's videos...
1) The French Revolution Song shows a couple of bloodied guillotine blades quickly (I'm not sure young children will even recognize what they are seeing).  I decided to include the video anyway because there is SO much info given in a quick catchy manner.

2) The Crash Course video is long but entertaining (it may not keep a young child's attention for the entire duration), but they use the words "suck" and "sucks" several times.  I haven't been able to use his videos in the past because they contained cursing :-(

Lastly, I haven't yet received MOST of the submissions, so the playlist is currently QUITE short.  I'll update it as I receive additional videos.

Enjoy! :-D

Week 11 YouTube Playlist: 

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